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Travel is NUMBER ONE in Internet sales and has been for many years. All industry experts agree that the Internet will be the driving force for travel sales for the foreseeable future.

To remain competitive in today's travel sales marketplace, you must have your own web site(s) to promote your business, your expertise and your offerings to the consumer - to build YOUR BRAND!


You must have a niche (or, niches) to truly succeed in the travel marketplace of the future - the days of being everything to everyone are over - leave that to the Expedias of the world!

Are you a "River Cruise Specialist"? Or, do you sell "Packaged Tours"? Is your income derived from selling "Last Minute Airfares" or "First Class Airfares"? Are you a hotel broker that sells "Rooms Cheap" or a publisher working on a "Worldwide Resort Guide"?

Perhaps you are a "Bahamas Islands" destination specialist, or you only sell "Church Group Cruises". Maybe you deal with inbound travelers, and are developing an "Orlando Attraction Guide" or "Hawaii Dining Guide"?

All these domain names are available here! Just be sure to get a name that describes YOUR business, YOUR passion! Our domain names start at only $995.00, with over 90% of the domain names listed under $5,000.00. That is a small price to pay for an image making, Internet marketing vehicle to build your travel business online!

Within these pages, you will find thousands of travel industry themed domain names available, and each one is sold with a templated web site for immediate use while we customise it for you, which takes about two weeks!.

Some are premium travel sector domain names that have not been available for over fifteen to twenty years. And, with several domain names listed that are generating significant sales through existing web sites, you will find opportunities to buy instant volume - in most every travel industry sector!

All domain names have been professionally evaluated and valued, based on:

Commercial Potential
- Brandability. The ability of the domain name to be used as a brand, business identity, redirect, campaign address, etc..

Recognition - Relevance, memorability, and recall value.

Length - Usually, the shorter, the better. Although a longer, keyword matching and/or obvious name for a specific market can be more valuable.

TLD - (Top Level Domain) - this is the Dot-COM part of the domain name. Currently, despite the many TLD's available, including the country-specific TLD's, Dot-COM domain names remain significantly more valuable than any others, and they are predicted to remain so.

Of course, there are special circumstances that could occur with a certain domain name, but, as a general rule when anyone (think about what YOU do!) researches for a service or product online, they will default to Dot-Com thought.

It takes a lot more money to market a non-Dot-Com and to create an image and brand that bypasses the Dot-Com mentality!

Whether you are looking to buy, or sell, domain names, Travel Domain Broker can help you! Finding the right name for your business, or finding the right buyer for your domain name.

Travel Domain Broker

Have Your NEW Travel Identity Tomorrow!


Find the right identity for what you want to be known for in our inventory of great travel domain names today!

We CAN, and WILL help you SUCCEED! We will use our network of over 800 travel websites to help you generate sales, including:

travel agent - where you can list yourself in multiple categories as you become more proficient. Over 10,000 visitors daily look for agents to assist them! This service is available to all agents and suppliers.
- Consumers are directed only to Travel Domain Broker name purchasers. - Travel surveys / lead surveys

Plus, we will include a complete templated web site with every purchase, complete with 1 year FREE hosting!

NO additional "registration" fees!
NO unnecessary escrow costs!
NO ridiculous transaction fees!
NO ongoing "leasing" fees!



Our annual Holiday Sale - November 1 - December 15, 2016, you can get any listed domain name for 25% OFF list prices! Plus, we will give every purchaser of a Premium name a FREE cabin on our 2017 "Smart Travel Marketing" 4 night learning cruise.

The RIGHT Domain Name Helps Promote YOU
to YOUR Market!

There is no more cost-effective, marketing of a web site than Search Engine Optimization with relevant content!

It is the best way to drive sales, gain market share, and accelerate brand name recognition for your company!

Smart Traveler has been e-marketing since 1996. Let us put our travel e-marketing experience to work for you!

We know what works! By purchasing one of our travel domain names, you will have unlimited access to our 38+ years of travel sales knowledge and 20+ years of Internet marketing experience!

Imternet Marketing

Travel Agent Marketing Services by Smart Traveler that are included with your purchase:

Help to build your client base.

Better travel CRM practices.

A customised, hosted website for YOU!

A FREE Showcase listing in OfficialTravelDirectory .com

Press release production & distribution announcing your new business in your market.


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