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At Travel Domain Broker, we specialize in promoting travel domain sales and assisting new travel agents and travel companies in acquiring their identity and creating a robust online travel presence. Our extensive inventory of travel domain names is available for sale, lease, or any reasonable partnership opportunity. With over 27 million organic visits to our websites in one year - visitors who are actively seeking travel information or looking to purchase travel services - you can now acquire a travel property that provides an immediate boost to your online presence. These domains, some of which have been established for up to 29 years, ensure your travel business can "hit the ground running." With our experience online since 1995 and over 300 travel web properties sold or leased, we possess the knowledge and expertise required to help launch or re-launch travel businesses online.

Why Choose Travel Domain Broker?

Extensive Experience and Proven Success

Our current ownership, with more than 45 years in the travel industry and online marketing experience since 1995, we have the track record and expertise to assist you in securing the perfect travel domain for YOUR business. Our company has facilitated the sale or lease of over 300 travel web properties, making us a trusted partner in the travel domain sales industry.

Comprehensive Inventory of Travel Domain Names

A domain name is your online "real estate" - an address that can never be taken from you once you own it! Our extensive inventory of travel domain names covers most every vertical and specialty within the travel industry, including:

  • Airfares
  • Hotels
  • Resorts
  • All-inclusives
  • Cruises
  • Escorted tours
  • Vacation packages
  • And more

You can explore our list of available domain names here.

Immediate Traffic and Established Presence

With over 27 million organic visits to our websites in one year, our domain names attract significant traffic from travelers seeking information and services. This existing traffic provides a substantial advantage for new travel businesses, allowing them to establish a strong online presence quickly and efficiently.

Flexible Acquisition Options

We offer flexible options for acquiring travel domain names, including:

  • Purchase
  • Lease
  • Partnership opportunities

These options allow you to choose the best approach for your business needs and budget.

Benefits of Acquiring a Travel Domain

Brand Identity and Recognition

A premium travel domain name helps establish your brand identity and enhances recognition in the competitive travel industry. A memorable and relevant domain name makes it easier for potential customers to find and trust your business.

SEO Advantages

Established domain names with high organic traffic provide significant SEO advantages, helping your website rank higher in search engine results. This increased visibility drives more traffic to your site, leading to higher conversion rates and sales.

Instant Credibility

An established domain name lends instant credibility to your travel business. Customers are more likely to trust a business with a professional and well-known domain, leading to increased inquiries and bookings.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Acquiring a domain with existing traffic and established keyword-search success reduces the need for expensive marketing campaigns to drive visitors to your site. The built-in audience allows you to focus on converting leads into customers rather than spending resources on attracting them.

Our Expertise and Services

Domain Acquisition and Leasing

We know the alue of domain names! We have been selling and marketing domain names for over 25 years! We offer a variety of services to help you acquire or lease the perfect travel domain for your business, including:

  • Domain search and selection assistance
  • Negotiation and acquisition support
  • Leasing options with flexible terms
  • Partnership opportunities for shared ventures

Online Branding and Presence Creation

Our team provides comprehensive services to help you create a strong online presence and establish your travel brand, including:

  • Brand strategy development
  • Website design and development
  • SEO optimization and content creation
  • Online marketing and advertising

Travel Industry Knowledge and Support

With decades of experience in the travel industry, we offer unparalleled knowledge and support to ensure your success. Our services include:

  • Industry insights and trends analysis
  • Business planning and strategy consultation
  • Ongoing support and mentorship

Popular Travel Domain Verticals and Specialties


Domains focused on airfares attract travelers looking for the best deals on flights. Benefits include:

  • High search volume and demand
  • Potential for affiliate partnerships with airlines
  • Opportunities for selling additional travel services


Domains in the hotel industry cater to travelers seeking accommodations. Benefits include:

  • Opportunities for affiliate partnerships with hotel chains
  • High conversion rates due to direct bookings
  • Potential for upselling other travel products


Resort-focused domains attract luxury travelers and vacationers. Benefits include:

  • High-value transactions
  • Potential for partnerships with resort brands
  • Opportunities for promoting premium travel experiences


All-inclusive travel domains appeal to travelers seeking hassle-free vacations. Benefits include:

  • High demand for all-inclusive packages
  • Opportunities for upselling premium services
  • Potential for repeat business and loyalty programs


Domains focused on cruises attract travelers looking for cruise vacations. Benefits include:

  • High-value bookings
  • Partnership opportunities with cruise lines
  • Potential for selling related travel services

Escorted Tours

Escorted tour domains cater to travelers seeking guided travel experiences. Benefits include:

  • High demand for unique and immersive travel experiences
  • Opportunities for partnerships with tour operators
  • Potential for upselling additional travel products

Vacation Packages

Vacation package domains attract travelers looking for bundled travel deals. Benefits include:

  • High conversion rates due to comprehensive offerings
  • Opportunities for cross-selling travel products
  • Potential for repeat business and loyalty programs

Plan Your Travel Business Success with Travel Domain Broker

With our extensive list of travel domain names and comprehensive consulting services, you're sure to find the perfect domain to launch or expand your travel business. Whether you're a new travel agent or an established travel company, Travel Domain Broker provides the best deals and expert advice to help you succeed. Explore our inventory of travel domains and take the first step towards establishing a strong online presence for your travel business.

Visit our list of available domain names and contact us to discuss your acquisition options. With our experience, knowledge, and industry connections, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your business goals and create a successful travel brand. Your travel "identity" may be more affordable than you may think - as low as $500 (i.e. ChinaTourSpecialists.com)! All our domain names come with 2 hours of consulting services to help you establish a successful online presence without spending countless thousand on SEM or SMM.

Explore the possibilities, immerse yourself in the vibrant travel industry, and create an identity, or a brand, that stands out. From domain acquisition and leasing to online branding and marketing, we can help you acquire all the tools and support you need to succeed. Let Travel Domain Broker help you build a thriving travel business and make the most of your online presence.

Why Smart Traveler?

With a rich family history since 1935 in the travel industry, and online expertise that spans decades, we take pride in helping to make the travel industry more professional and respected! Our knowledge spans most every facet of the industry - tour operator, host agency, multi-retail agency franchisee, cruise only agency, sports travel packager, FIT specialist, multi-destination specialist, domestic and international airfare consolidator, corporate travel, internet travel marketing and more! When you choose to work with us, you choose a legacy of excellence in the travel industry. Trust in the knowledge that only time and dedication can provide.

  1. Online Pioneers Since 1995: As early adopters of online travel solutions, we've seamlessly blended tradition with technology. Our online platforms, active since 1995, reflects our commitment to providing cutting-edge convenience.

  2. Decades of experience selling Cruises, Tours, and Groups, Smart Traveler has specialized in crafting bespoke experiences.

  3. Negotiating Proprietary Rates: Benefit from our knowledge of attaining insider access to exclusive rates. Smart Traveler's long-standing industry partnerships and extensive network grant us access to rates unavailable to the average traveler - or, travel agent! Create unparalleled value with proprietary offerings.

  4. Industry Partnerships: Our enduring relationships with industry leaders ensure you receive the best connections to the industry's leaders. Smart Traveler's partnerships extend globally, allowing us to secure premium accommodations, unique experiences, and unbeatable cruise & airfare deals.

  5. Unrivaled Industry Knowledge: Our team boasts an unparalleled understanding of the travel landscape.

At Smart Traveler, our legacy of excellence, commitment to innovation, and dedication to personalized service, helps to support you in so many ways, so you can enter the travel industry, or take your existing business to the next level - with confidence!

Our Knowledge and Assets Can Help Assure Your Travel Industry Success - Contact Us Today!

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"Why do I still like agents? A competent travel adviser can be your greatest asset when you're planning a trip. Good travel agents have an edge over almost any other seller of travel. They know what you want. They speak your language. And they're there for you when you run into trouble."

Christopher Elliott, ombudsman,
National Geographic Traveler magazine.

"It's clear agents can likely save travelers big money and help set a realistic itinerary. Even where they weren't cheaper, the agents competed with what we could find on our own. And we were impressed where they did save us money, in particular with hotels."

Jane Hodges,
Wall Street Journal

"Having a travel agent advise you is now more important than ever," as fees, surcharges, and other travel restrictions have become more confusing for consumers. "Travel is on of the most complicated purchases."

Henry Harteveldt,
Travel Analyst Forrester Research

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